I’m always working on the next book! Below you’ll find a small collection of my self-published works available on Amazon.

The God Polity

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Do I have to be baptized to be saved? Is the Sabbath necessary? Is adoption wrong? What does the horrific Judges 19 mean? Inside are 20 devotionals, each covering highly controversial areas surrounding Christian theology, and answer these very questions. The God Polity’s method of writing about scripture includes heavy use of the Bible, and not much else. About 50% of each chapter is comprised of scripture, so that it is less of an interpretation, but a presentation of God’s word. You can read each chapter whenever you like. They are simply presented in the order that they were written over the course of two years.

My Father’s House

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This book is for fathers, soon-to-be fathers, might-be fathers, hopeful fathers, and anyone who wants to learn about fathers and their role in a family. Written with the scriptures placed first, everything in here comes directly from the Bible, spanning across the Old and New Testament. You will encounter fantastic scripture you may have either never even known to have existed, or you will see them from a new perspective that explores even more meaning behind the vast wisdom God has placed inside the Bible.

Seeds to the Mayflower

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A boy named Samuel Smallhend finds himself involved in the separatist movement against the Church of England, and joins with William Brewster and other Mayflower passengers before the voyage is even a dream. This story brings to life the tale before the Mayflower’s unforgettable voyage to America, and brings together the events throughout Europe that led to the Pilgrims’ struggles and eventual departure in a manner friendly to kids 8 and up. Most works of literature involving the pilgrim fathers focus on the Mayflower and America, however this short book delves into what occurred before these events, and what exactly happened that brought all of those great men together to set off on one of the most important journeys in history. Winner of the Michigan Mayflower Society Award, this book was researched, written, and illustrated by Dave Aldon.

Portents of a Weeping World

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This was the first book I ever wrote, and under an old name. It certainly has its flaws, but it’s a complex book with very unique grammar and vocabulary styles.

A farmer is called on a quest with a traveler to seek out an aberrance that has impoverished the surrounding kingdoms. Though he is but a farmer, his true value is seen by only the wisest, and rejected by all others. On this journey, the leaders and kings of his time are all that stand before a free world, and an uncertain fate.

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